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Photo ID
CRB checks

Ground Updates
Any changes regarding ground should be reported to Sue Gallagher.
Disciplinary Complaints
All Disciplinary Complaints should go to Sue Gallagher.
Photo ID
Photo ID cards are now mandatory requirement for the Division One, Two and Three for both 1st and 2nd elevens.

The new league season is knocking on our door and the Registration Secretary is waiting to receive completed new registration forms from all member clubs in both 1st and 2nd divisions. These forms together with four passport size photos of each player needs to be sent to Naresh by the end of March, for him to process and prepare your clubs cards. He would like to be able to distribute all member clubs their photo id cards at the ball collection evening

Please note: If the player/s and the club are not in possession of your player/s ID cards, that player/s will not be able to play in any league match until these cards are received. It is difficult for Naresh to process cards at one time all arriving in the last couple of weeks before the season starts as he cannot guarantee to have these done in time for the start of the season

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks and Self Declarations

Who needs a CRB check?
The following list has been developed by the ECB as guidance for clubs. Club Child Welfare Officers, however, will need to assess the role of individuals within their clubs in making a decision on whether or not to require a CRB Check.

All Middlesex Championship Panel Umpires are required to have a CRB check. In addition ACU&S scorers are also required to have a CRB check.

CRB Checks
CRB checks have to be done through the ECB using a CRB ‘Disclosure Application Form’. This form, plus instructions regarding its completion, can be obtained from the Middlesex Championship’s Secretary. CRB checks have to be repeated every three years. Sue Gallagher is able to verify CRB's.
Self Declarations
Self Declaration forms should be completed via the Club’s Child Welfare Officer.
Role CRB check Self Declaration Required Self Declaration Recommended Comments
Active Volunteer  - Yes  - CRB if regular, unsupervised, sole access
Adult team captains Yes  -  -  -
Adult players  -  - Yes Self declaration if junior players playing regularly
Age Group Manager Yes  -  -  -
Assistant coach  - Yes  - If unqualified
Assistant Groundsman  - Yes  -  -
Assistant Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Assistant Treasurer  -  - Yes  -
Bar Manager  - Yes  - CRB if regular, unsupervised, sole access
Chairman  -  - Yes  -
Chairman of Cricket  -  - Yes  -
Chairman of Junior Cricket  - Yes  - CRB if coaching
Club Captain Yes  -  -  -
Club Development Officer  - Yes  - CRB if coaching
Club Office Manager  -  - Yes  -
Club Umpire Yes  -  -  -
Colts Manager Yes  -  -  -
Committee Member  -  - Yes  -
First Aider and similar staff working directly with young people on behalf of the Club  - Yes  - CRB if regular, unsupervised, sole access
Fixture Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Ground Chairman  -  - Yes  -
Groundsman  - Yes  -  -
House Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Membership Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Patron  -  - Yes Depending on involvement
President  -  - Yes Depending on involvement
Qualified Coach Volunteer or Professional Coach Yes  -  -  -
Registration Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Results Secretary  -  - Yes  -
Scorer (ACU&S) Yes  -  -  -
Secretary  - Yes  -  -
Tea Lady/Caterer  - Yes  - CRB if regular, unsupervised, sole access
Team Secretary  - Yes  -  -
Treasurer  -  - Yes  -
Umpire – League Panel Yes  -  -  -
Vice Chairman  -  - Yes Depending on involvement
Vice President  -  - Yes Depending on involvement
Web Site Administrator  - Yes  -  -
Welfare Officer Yes  -  - Club/League/County

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