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These guidelines ONLY apply to players whose clubs play in
  1. Division 1 (1st & 2ndXI)
  2. Division 2 (1st & 2nd XI) and
  3. Division 3 (1st & 2nd XI)
  4. Division 4

Registration must be done for all Divisions. Divisions 1-3 will be required to provide photo ID cards and Division 4 does not require photo ID cards.

Each Middlesex Championship Club in Division 1 (1st & 2nd XI), Division 2 (1st & 2nd XI) and Division 3 (1st & 2nd XI) shall, as agreed at the last AGM, re-register all their Non-Resident players for season 2010 and thereafter.

It is recommended that all players in the afore mentioned clubs should register ALL their players to ensure no last minute selection dilemmas are encountered.

The process to be followed is as follows:

All players in Division 1 (1st & 2nd XI), Division 2 (1st & 2nd XI) and Division 3 (1st & 2nd XI) shall complete fresh forms in a similar manner to previous form submission.

  1. Each new registration form for player shall attach four passport sized photographs with their names clearly written on the back of each photo.
  2. Photographs must be provided on genuine photo paper.
  3. Photograph received on ordinary paper will be rejected.
  4. Once completed, registration forms should be passed onto the club secretary for checking for completeness and signature, before they are forwarded to the registration secretary
  5. When forms are received they will be checked after which ID cards will be issued. Note Clubs will have NEW lists for 2010.
  6. Two ID cards per player will be issued.

Failure to follow this process will delay production of ID cards

Note to players:- If you do not carry your ID card to each game you will be jeopardising your position in the team. If you do not have your ID card you will not be able to play in that particular game.

There are two different registration forms which can be downloaded from this site. Both are in Word format and have been virus checked.

Please Note:- If you have changed your name in the last five years please state all previous names.


Click a frequently asked question below to view answer.

Q: Who needs to be registered?

A: Before being eligible to participate in a Championship First or Second Eleven match from Divisions One, Two, Three or Four in the season, players of all ages (both adults and colts) must be registered by the Championship Registration Secretary, Naresh Patel.

Q: How does a Player set about registering his name?

A: A Player can obtain the relevant registration form from the appointed officer of his Clubs Management Committee. Alternatively, the relevant registration form can be printed off the Championship website. There are separate registration forms for Resident Players and for Non-Resident Players (see Rule 3.6 & 3.7). After signing and dating the form, the Player must pass the completed form to his Clubs Cricket Secretary for checking and, if satisfied as to its correctness, counter-signing and sending to the Championship Registration Secretary.

Q: Rule 3.5 states that a Player who has played at first-class level will be ineligible to play in a Championship match within the next twelve months, but what is meant by first-class level?

A: The International Cricket Council Rules and Regulations define a match of three or more days duration between two sides of eleven players played on natural turf pitches on international standard grounds and substantially conforming to standard playing conditions as a first-class fixture. A comprehensive list of the competitions that are regarded as first-class, e.g. Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, may be found on the ICC pages of the Cricinfo website.

Q: The registration form for Resident Players requires the Resident Player who was born outside the British Isles to state the date of most recent entry into the British Isles, but is that information really appropriate in the case of a Resident Player who may have been resident in the British Isles for many years?

A: No, not necessarily! In that situation, the Resident Player born outside the British Isles may simply write Permanently resident in the British Isles for longer than two years. A similar response would be acceptable in the case of a Resident Player who has resided permanently in the British Isles for more than two years but has taken a holiday, or spent a part of a student gap year, abroad in the months before the start of the season.

Q: When must the registration of Players be done?

A: Member Clubs are asked to send completed registration forms to the Registration Secretary by not later than the end of March in order that the registration process can be completed before the start of the season. The names of registered Non-Resident Players will be posted on the Championship website in the same way as has been done during the last three years.

Q: Will the information supplied by each Player be made available to a third party, for example, for marketing purposes?

A: No! The Championship website will list for each Member Club the names of all of that Clubs registered Non-Resident Players (and, at a date yet to be decided, registered Resident Players, including Colts) and the unique registration number of each of those Players. However, in the event that a Player is suspended by the Championship Disciplinary Sub-Committee from playing in a Championship match for four or more weeks, then that Players full name and home address and Club will be reported to the Middlesex Cricket Board. In the case of a more extensive ban, the Board may decide to inform other cricket leagues in Middlesex and neighbouring County Cricket Boards a ban from playing cricket in the Championship is a nation-wide ban from playing.

Q: What is the procedure for new Players who join the Club after the end of March?

A: The relevant registration form must be completed and signed and sent to the Championship Registration Secretary. On receipt, the Championship Registration Secretary will check the details and, if satisfied, will register the Players name, allocate a unique registration number, and advise the Club.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Captains?

A: Before the toss, Captains should exchange team sheets (where Panel Umpires are appointed, pass the team sheets to the Umpires). After the match, the Captains of both sides must complete and email a report sheet listing the names and Player registration numbers of both sides so that the Championship Registration Secretary receives the report sheet by the Friday following the date of the match. The Registration Secretary will then check the players names and registration numbers against the master registration database.

Q: If a selected Player cries off at the last minute or fails to turn up, will it be permissible to play an unregistered Player?

A: No! If no other registered Player is available to take the place of the missing registered Player, the side must play one short. Hence, it is advisable for a Club to register all likely Players, including Senior Colts. If a side is discovered playing a Player under a false identity, then that sides Club faces the prospect of expulsion from the Championship. After all, a key reason for introducing a registration system for all Players is that in past seasons a few Clubs have played unregistered and/or ineligible Non-Resident Players.

Q: Will it be necessary to re-register a Player immediately his personal details (e.g. home address, phone number) change?

A: No, not immediately if the change occurs during the season! However, a fresh registration form must be completed the following year before the start of the new season.

Q: Will it be necessary to re-register a Resident Player before the start of the new season?

A: No, not if his personal details are unchanged from the previous season.

Q: Will it be necessary to re-register a Non-Resident Player before the start of the new season?

A: Yes, either as a Non-Resident Player, or as a newly-qualified Resident Player.

Q: Will a Club be fined if the team sheet card is returned late, or if a Player takes part in a match before having been formally registered?

A: Yes! Penalty points will be deducted from the individual Eleven (not both the Clubs sides). The scale is set out in Rule 3, Fixed Administration Penalties, of the Championship Disciplinary Rules.

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